Sadboyenmanuel2022/03/24 00:55


At night I can't sleep, it's so deep.

when I wake up in the morning I can't eat

my heartbeats unique

I've fallen in love with the monster within

as the blood rushes to my brain, it's insane but I'm in love with the pain.

as fire consumes what is left of me,

I can't help but wonder what would become of me.

or is this all a dream, nor is it what it seems.

but there's nothing I can do but to face the reality

that this pain is slowly killing me.

I can't call for help cause no one hears me it's like I'm locked away in a safe beneath the red sea.

oh shit, I can't breathe the air is trapped two layers above me,

but it's okay when they ask what killed me.

don't be afraid to say the pain got the better of me.


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