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Meeting Lisa is a comic poem that focuses on the life of a virgin man who knew no woman until he was opportuned to meet one on a very good day. First he saw a very beautiful actress and he loved what he saw, but approaching her would be the most complicated decision he would be making all his life yet he had to approach her with some hilarious and obsolete moves.


Old codger free lodger

Zoom to the room like a kitten cat

Man's up! Man's up

A missy sighted, she is classy

Kiss me! kiss me! Young missy

Though my heart❤️ spoke,

my tongue remain tight

Even with this plight,

My stomach roam, it was like an excite

Why this feeling i never wish for?

She could be Lisa or Theresa

Really she is my missy

But too sissy for a missy

I heard she is even a stager

Brought up by a major

Yet she is so i'll nature

Could it be my eccentric self

Reading her every time from my bookshelf?

One time I dream of her

My Lisa Theresa

I saw I met with the Missy

Though she was a little bitchy,

She admired my moccasin

I smiled just like father is

And shyly she look at my coat

Not just a coat that glowed

Like magic it hold shy cold

Now I have got the secret

To woo my boo.

Gift Richard


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