The watcher2022/03/20 19:45

First she love to explore. A damsel hidden away from life and it's ambiguity. She is beautiful, naive and of high self esteem, even with her confidence, she is just a girl and a good one only in love for adventure adventure. But on a very unfortunate day, she escape from the string of her mother's apron. Now she can have her liberty to unveil what life has for her.



Love laid me down 

Mother's string cat frown

How I wish to fly high

Nay! Nay! Mother sigh 

Walking cat head straight

Blind prey best bait

Up high the cat fly

Up low I lie

Mother's scent like a rose

Dim! Dim! The glows

Scary world, hairy man

Regret the middleman

Mother's string I crave

Take me home! Take me home!

Mother's string my aid.


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