Cry not young lover!

Jake humanay2022/03/20 14:58

It's about how young people suffer searching for love. It gives them hope that love at last will be found.


Cry not young lover, tomorrow love shall find you,

Tomorrow the rays of love beautiful shall vanquish pain in your heart!

Here the beautiful stories of love beautiful,

Though hearts are broken, though tears roll,

Happiness is won in the heart of the wise lover!

Love is upon the patient lover and sweet are it's fruits!

Painful might be the days the heart matures and learns to love,

Heartsless might be the lovers that fall at your doorstep!

But a mature heart reaps bountifully in the garden of love.

Cry not young lover! Keep your peace and life shall smile at you,

Avoid they that desire your harm and love they that love your good,

Cry not! Cry not! Wisdom is born of pain, suffer patiently,

Gather wisdom where it offers itself and the drink of lovers shall delight your toungue.


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