Million Little Miracles

amywrites2022/03/19 16:07

Wonder why there is so much questions in your mind that brought about is God real?. Find out in this peom if he is .

Million Little Miracles

Million Little Miracles

Have you ever been lost to a call;

With questions to ask curiously?

What really birth existence aside science?

What really birth miracles like magic?

Like spirit, simple words lay ground,

As a new day come to show,

A new morning from a women sleep,

In a new dimension beyond mere powers.

What provided when there was nothing?

What fuel the heaven from falling?

What gives birthmark for Christ?

Little Miracles not seen?

Ever sat to decipher your living?

Right there,how can you feel;

Without a mighty to give strength?

Lest, God is real,

With his Million Little Miracles.

©®amy writes


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