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Is it truly something to be scared of?

We spend the better part of our lives trying to escape from her, but is she truly someone to be wary of?

Most of the time she is the one who teaches us the things no one else can.

The child knows not to put his hand in the flame because of her,

The worker knows to hold the hammer correctly before striking because of her,

Even the foolish maiden knows not to fall any longer for the lies of the cunning lad all because of her.

We learn to treasure the time spent with our loved ones because we've felt the pain of losing people close to us,

The hurt that comes as a result of wasted opportunities helps us make careful decisions the next time such opportunities present themselves,

Some have even learnt to harness this pain, to turn the hurt and grief into mesmerizing works of art,

Yes indeed, the pain is nothing to be scared of, it should be embraced instead.

Incline your ear to the tone of her mournful lullaby,

Revel in her every symphony and become one with her,

Key into her words and pay heed to the messages hidden behind them even as she lulls you into the numbest of dreams.

By so doing, you may not attain perfect peace, but at the very least you will be at one with yourself.


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