With wings I sprout

Ainz_sama2022/03/18 10:39

This is the life we were born into,

Toiling from dawn till dusk,

Receiving no pay,

The skin on our backs;

Dried and flaky,

So much as a cuss

And the whips came down with a fury.

"We will work them to the bone,

Work them till they slump,

Work them until they have used up every last drop of blood in their bodies,

And after that, we still won't let them rest."

Our people taken from their homes,

Some through force

With gunpowder and lead,

Some through their lust,

Captivated by the beauty of the aliens then captured,

Our leaders tricked into selling us,

For the riches of the foreigners, only to end up dead.

"Their tireless labor will put the food on our tables,

But we won't put on theirs,

We will use them for our pleasure,

Then discard like toys when broken."

We work tirelessly to sate the greed of our captors,

United in our suffering we sing

Songs of freedom and songs of hope,

Songs filled with earnest yearning,

Of the day we sprout wings

And ride the winds of change back home.


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