Riiching for the stars

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back to angels, riiching for the stars waïl in a divine hangar which is in another protected and elevated realm

Riiching for the stars, back to angels|THE HANGar

Riiching for the stars, back to angels|THE HANGar

Saunder time. Lucky Lyt is taking a stroll with her mother, father and brother on the banks of the river of Tartania, a source of water believed to have magical properties by the inhabitants of Sora. Sore, Lucky’s father, is their king; a king of great knowledge and the advert of professing truths widely unknown in the whole firmament of Sorasium, the land of the Sorasians, with their capital being Sora.

“Hurry, hurry!” Joao is proding. His best friend Gaetan is late again to another session of artillery. They have to train diligently day and night to be able to be crowned the guardians of Soraca, another land in the Kingdom of Sorasium.

“Lateness is never welcomed and it’s the last time we see you acting this way” says Joao to Gaetan. We are on the precipice of the opposite forces gaining too much power and traction. Our chief aim is to prepare as hard and as fast as we can so as not to get surprises. It’s at this moment that I’m gonna stop supporting you if you’re tardy again. Stop that! e have a very important mission at our disposal. The demonas have elevated one of them who has come under the tutelage of Shukra, the guru of demons, one with a past with gods and angels who became disgruntled with them after always being unfavoured compared to other students and disciples.

Oceanic view, mountains, grass, atmosphere of Earth, that sweet boy encountered on her last visit to that planet- Lyt is dreaming, and anticipating her next trip. This time, she wants to go there alone and not with her father or any other member of her family but knowing her father, he would never accept; not even a bit. “What do I do?” She ponders…

In an instant of inspiration, she decides to hire the services of Alakija, a very high sorcerer and magician of the region. Her plan is to enter the portal that only he can open before letting someone go to another planet, world or realm but!, she knows that he would never accept as he’s loyal to King Sore, the mightiest of mightiest of kings with a penchant for tyranny when he sees fit.

Innerstanding the assignment and the fact Alakija also has quite an untractable character, she decided that it was not fit and she would achieve her means in a mischievous manner. She was to learn how to operate the portal by herself but how? EISH.

A thought hit her, maybe she could steal some books at the Library of Sora. So, with her powers of transportation, she went. She beforehand identified the area where she would want to land using her penetrative vision that helps her see almost everything in the universe. Haven’t I told you that she is powerful?! maybe not but now you know. Her powers will be unraveled in this serial online fiction perfectly designed by axe shaman, the one who has infinite creativity and will transport you to worlds that will take you lifetimes to idealize in your third eye. Call me axe shaman or writer axe, same shit.

Let’s continue.. We haven’t yet talked much about her lover, or not at all. So, let me say this- extremely handsome he is, the catcher, the charmer, the women attractor, the wise young and most importantly the human god or dhe highest I Am. That’s how he was able to locate Lucky the first time.

During meditation, one day, Aham had a revelation that a young goddess was gonna wash up the banks of Ponta de Ouro, a beach in Mozambique. Interestingly, when Lucky, her family and some royal attendants came for the first time to Earth, they stayed on their high vibration but densed it enough to stay in this reality and not fly off without experiencing a bit what humans go through. They in this way lessened the magnitude of their powers. Subsequently that’s how Aham was able to see them but him being a shaman as well, they couldn’t detect him apart from a breach in his spell that allowed him to be visible to the young lady of unrivaling beauty.

Joao is not even into that. He’s friends with Lucky, 3 years older (18), is not interested in her and while he enjoys the company of women he doesn’t want to date as he’s more focused on becoming the guardian of Soraca, then the highest priest in Sora and in the same way the high priest of Sore. With what i told you and to be totally honest, seeing his heart i know that he has secret dreams of ruling over Sora with Sore already close to retirement but please don’t tell him that i told you this as it’s a secret that he has shared with no one.

Lucky finds 4 books on portals and magical openings and steals them in a subtle way by rendering herself invisible and putting 4 empty books so as not to catch too much attention with the absence of the books she stole from the shelves.

It’s time to read and practice. Lucky wants to return to earth to find her lover. At 15 she believes she’s already found the love of her life. Such adolescent behaviors and thoughts of little importance but let’s see. I’ll still tell you more about her quest. A long or short one according to how fast she decodes the books, them being written in an exclusive language only talked by the highest spiritualists and powers of Sora.

She’s never learned the language and didn’t even know it existed but had heard about a formulation of speaking that catapults your creation, manifestation, magic, attraction and all things good in your life. Every time she had tried knowing more about that humongous secret, she had been beguiled by her father, a high seer in charge of preparing his daughter as fast as possible for the next 3 months before sending her to the land of the Athenians where she would…

thank you for reading

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