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Not once did he feel father's love, nor sucked from the breast milk of a mother yet he knows what love is even though he love the wrong way. Tough child is a poem that shows the explicit torture a child went through during his transformation to a fully grown man. A man full of secret and open scar. An open scar with its own story, an open scar with the mark of pain and pride, an open scar which reveal a vulnerable yet dangerous man. Tough child is a child who was given birth to in an abandoned cave.Nobody knew his birth cause the mother who was supposed to create awareness couldn't as she was seen escaping into the cave with a pot belly and now on false labor. While running her water broke down, pushing out a child, blank became the storyline. I grew with an Old hag, she died I was given birth to. Tough Child grew up with no knowledge of himself cause the old hag didn't keep record of his birth, but she only knew the cave welcomed a child and a snake beside it.A tough child

Tough Child

Tough Child

Tough child

Tough Child rough child

Rough a child that goes wild

Eyes up the skies close by

Dream to fly high low

Dark light glow dim

A moon meant to grow slim

While sleep an hag cry

Tell the book goodbye

Not a word for the good guy

As day broke, old things past

Meant to run high low

Here a coconut broken

In it water is break open

Else rotten awoken


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