Love is sweet they say

Welldone2022/03/16 13:28

a lovely piece about how love is sweet and how sometimes it turns hurting or causing pain

Love is sweet they say

Love is sweet as they say

It soothes for the first meet

Kills at the last juncture

Moves without no sugar items but

Sweeter than sugar

Sweeter than honey but

sounds and tastes like owning the whole world

It is white when destiny strike

Nothing oppose it neither mother’s or father’s nor the controllers at large

Rich than Gold and Diamond

Strong than the bones of a giant

Bright and continue to act as such when

Understanding rules both parties

But falls like a wicked leader

It flows in the heart like burning gases trying to pop out from a leaking cylinder

What is the name of thee ?

Oh love ,love

Not just love but pure love


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