Shri Rajrajeshwari Narmada Parikrama Tours & Travel

Shri Rajrajeshwari Narmada Parikrama Tours & Travel - We provide religious Tours packages in india

Shri Rajrajeshwari Narmada Parikrama Tours & Travel

Sampurna Aadhyatmik Narmada Parikrama Tour Package

Shri Rajrajeshwari Narmada Parikrama Tour

* Features: *

• Punch Kumarika Pujan

Special Kadhai (Prasad) Arrangement Scientific Sankalpa and Sankalpapurti Vidhi

Ashtak and Aarti special facilities

* Sightseeing: *

1. Ujjain

2. Omkareshwar 3. Mamleshwar 3. Badvani 4. Rajpipla 5. Kumbheshwar 6. Garudeshwar 7. Nareshwar

8. Mandu 9. Maheshwar 10. namawar 11. gwarighat 12. Amarkantak 13. houshangabad 14. Indore

As well as at least twenty-five others on the shores of May

Darshan of thirty ghats and temples

* Travel charges include: *

Three-time tea.

Breakfast in the morning

• Two-course meal dessert.

Fast fasting special facility.

Simple clean accommodation. Bus travel arrangements like group size.

All inclusive trip expenses including boating, entry and guide fees.

* Note: * All Ashram arrangements and hotels in 2 to 3 places Management

• Have our own team to sanitize the bus.

All safety measures regarding covid will be observed

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

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