We will soon be like them

Mercyike2022/03/14 07:04

It is all about life and how it all end in the graveyard, those who are without this knowledge think they are the boss of everything but at the end they will also go to the grave. In addition some will be received into heaven

We will soon be like them

They stand still like unfolded mats

They were also bitten by gnats

Into their ears were the fallacy and facts

Happiness and pains knocked at their doors

They that overcame thought, they were the dons

Rains and rays favored them

Affectionate were at table with them

As they are so shall we be

For they were once as we are

Some of them were the lion

For some will see the light at Zion

Some had golden spoon in their mouths

But today turned into a myths

It will be surely passed on to us

We will soon be like them as they are in their graves

And the graveyard is now their home

O, our lovely and everlasting home



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