Adii2022/03/07 10:17

The poetry "Pain" by Adii, revolves around waterloo of love and demystification of pain by the author.



Pain is a systematic tearing of emotion

Pain says; Stab my brain to fission

I will think straight-on

I will be okay, to hell with emotion.

Stab me by my Chest,

My heart would love you endlessly with it's best,

I'm not in pain, i would die,nothing right is left.

Everything seems abnormal to me except pain,

I love pain, nothing but pain,

Happy moments seem to leave me

with memories of pain and blame.

These days, Happiness seems fishy and it comes always with an element of sadness,

Soo why is the flare for happiness?

Being moody seems very interesting to be honest

knowing at least there is nothing fishy about sadness.


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