The cruel world

Fodux2022/03/06 19:26

War has no friend , it will always leaves a child fatherless , and parents homeless ... The devastating effect of a war , cannot be overemphasized ... Let us say no war..

The cruel world

The cruel World

1. An innocent girl crying profusely,

Moving from edge to edge ,

No more barricades , no more hedge.

Her scream and despair , was sparsely.

Where are your parents ?

Where are your siblings ?

How did you got here ?

The huntee questioned .

9. The innocent girl yet crying ...

Gasping for breath, she sputters

I...I ..... I ....

rhythmical throbbing or vibrating

Of the heart is now faster .

"Gasping continue..."

then, she mustered strength and

Gestured ,

"There , there, they are , ...

They are all there" , gestured she

With a motioned hand.

21. The huntee moved on towards

The lad's direction, truly ,there they are

Aslept without breath, there they are.

Aslept without spirit , with all their

Body punctured with strayed bullets.

The huntee sat motionless , weeping

Profusely ,

29. Stop, stop I said stop.

No more war, No more killing

Every war lives life lifeless

Every war lives men homeless

Every war lives children parentless.

No more war, we all got to stop.

Foluso Goodluck.


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