How Our Writing Classes in SengKang Can Help Students?

Write Edge2022/03/03 05:58

WriteEdge’s writing classes in Seng Kang are designed to develop the art of storytelling in students. Our tutors will make your child creative so that they can tackle any topic in the exam. They customise study plans according to the individual learner’s needs. We change our teaching methods if we find no improvement in students’ skills. Many Students attend our Seng kang writing class to improve their exam grades.


We help children understand the different genre topics, improve their writing skills, and equip them with deep insight into the topic matter so that they can write essays, stories, and answers in creative ways.

Our writing classes in Seng Kang are conducted:

* By qualified and MOE trained tutors with years of experience in improving students’ exam grades

* By tutors that can identify weaknesses of students, and solve their queries

* In a small group of 4–6 students

Write Edge also offer English tuition in Seng Kang to equip students with writing, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.


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