Gender based violence

Nameless2022/03/01 13:24

My feelings towards gender based violence

Gender based violence

Gender based violence is a virus

A virus More vicious and baberious

than the corona virus.

No one is superior

Male ,female or children

we're all equal

And thus gazing upon the beauty

Of the undying spirit of Ubuntu

Ubuntu the spirit of oneness, indistinguishability and interdependency

Today south Africa is inhabitable

Men have gone berserk

From psychopath to sociopath

From rape to killing

from Barbarism to diabolism

From unpleasant to maleficent

more like walking gilotines

worse than hooligans

South Africa the birth mark of Africa

why Rape and killing ?

Woman and children massacre must stop

Killing must come to and end

gender based violence must end

Our roots must twirling and whirling in their graves

for they were assassinated not for carnage and brutality

Men and women Let us unite and hold hands

Let us bring forth her green smile

Let us sharpen the white stripes on our flag


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