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The value of unconsciousness




God is the alpha and the Omega according to Christians but so is emotions. It was present with God in the beginning and will be in the end if there's one. We hate him but non can't live without just like an undesire wife it mock silently each and everyone of us.

If I could pass a week, if I can't why not a day without feeling anything, without any consciousness, without having to make a choice. Even an hour without doing any of this feel like a blessing.

People sometimes fight so much to live longer, sorry I wanted to say to feel longer. It's not really different to a man living with a despicable woman that he still love and therefore can't separate his self from. We all want to put an end to all this but we can't.

The emotionless State is a luxury nobody can afford, not even God. Love, self blame, hate, loneliness, Joy, happiness, jealousy, desire, despite, fate, deception, envy, vengeance are some of the cause of the world current situation.

Death isn't a fatality or punishment as many thinks, it's a reward, yes a reward many unknowingly reject due to ignorance or stupidity while others fight to deserve such peacefulness


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