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This incident was of a factory named JCO situated in Japan. This factory doesn't conduct electricity, but supply fuel to other power plants. This fuel was made by the conversion of uranium. In the making of this fuel only 5% of uranium was mixed by specialized machines.

But JCO factory compelled workers to use stainless stain bucket to mix the uranium, that was illegal, as no accident took place yet and no one take action against it so they didn't stop that.

But September 1999 was about to become a horrible history. As the factory was delayed 2 days of its schedule so that their was so much pressure on the management and workers that's why they mixed the uranium by themselves instead of machines. And they increases the amount of uranium. At 10:00 am in the morning that solution get defected or reacted due to which a blue coloured flash spread every where.

Workers who are working Hisashi Ouchi, Yokokawa and Shinohara were get in contact with that flash.

According to International Radiation Safety Limit, a human can handle only 20 millisieverts of radiation per year, But that day Ouchi got 17,000 msu , Shinohara got 10,000msu and Yokahawa got 3,000msu of shock of radiation.

Ouchi and Shinohara feel vomiting and get fainted again and again. They shift to the Hospital. When Ouchi brings to the hospital doctors thought that it is a normal case. But when they check the radiation level of Ouchi, they got frightened and run away from the ward of Ouchi. They have only one question, that how this man is still alive.When the test results of Ouchi came out doctors got surprised, the DNA of Ouchi destroyed, due to which news cell were not formed. Ouchi shifts to an advanced room, so that any bacterial infection can't spread.

The condition of Ouchi reached that state, his skin started to peel off with the removal of medical tape.

Now his treatment done by Peripheral Blood Transformation, which was not tested on human yet, in this process a healthy person's blood cells transfer to a patient. Doctors found the best match for this treatment, that was of Ouchi's sister. The treatment was luckily successful and Ouchi becoming normal.

But that treatment doesn't worked on Ouchi anymore. As the radiation was very high yet so his white blood cell got damaged. Now Ouchi felt difficulty in taking breath. Fluid given to his body , started to came out from his body. Daily 1 liter of diarrhea and blood began to  out from his body, to cover this, he was given blood transfusion sometimes two times in a day.

After sometime 10 liter of fluid came out from his boy daily and to cover this doctors also started to inject 10 liter of fluid in his body. Blood  began to came out from his eyes also. To sleep he was given high level of Narcotics. 

At the end due to daily blood transfusion and fluid injection his heartbeat rate was above 120, and suddenly his heart stopped. But according to laws of Japan, his heart pumped by shock wave and he lived again.Due to which his brain and other organs were affected. After 81 days of this accident doctors call his family and tell them now we can't do anything. They take permission from his family that if the heart beat of Ouchi stopped we can't pump his heart anymore, his family agree on this. And after that he finally got relief from that pain.    


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