Quality control

Suraj Patwa2022/02/24 17:46

How to control quality of a product

Quality control

Quality control

In simplest term quality control is the control of quality during manufacturing Raw materials, suppliers, parts or finished products etc. as accepted or rejected by inspection. If control is effective, there is less need for inspection. Quality control gives the causes for variation in the characteristics of products. It also gives solutions by which these variations can be controlled. It achieves economy and objective. It meets procedure and dynamics in its operation.

Quality control includes statistical sampling, testing before acceptance and the examination of quality characteristics in finished products. Quality symbolize many aspects of customer needs. Some dimensions of quality are given below, which are described

(1) Performance

(2) Features

(3) Durability

(4) Reliability

(5) Serviceability

(6) Appearance

(7) Uniformity

(8) Consistency and conformance

(9) Safety

(10) Time

(11) Customer service

(12) Comparability


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