Fodux2022/02/24 13:43

You can live beyound your means

FOREVER ALL( Eternity)

Spanking from section to section

In traverse instant of light,

Twas current- like structured motion

As human aptitude lost touch of control .

Analyst won't understand B'cos

After Day, is a DAY,

It goes b'ynd ephemeral( one day)

Only A day lives , Night never...

The track of Time melted.

Clock in time lost in Time

No one seems to see

The structure of Eternity .

Just a day, a long Day...

Tis A-Day lengthened than A day.

It's called ETERNITY, Yet a day.

A one in Eternity is a day, not a day.

It's ETERNITY, A DAY in a day

No night in a sleep, but

Always a day with a woke eye.

A day with all Day.

Foluso Goodluck.


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