Mickey. Mouse

Fodux2022/02/24 13:21

Responsibility is intentional, we all got to be useful.

Mickey mouse

Twas a wretch, with havocs wrecked.

no comeliness, no usefulness,

Nothing in him calls for attractiveness

Disjointed neck, with a misplaced head

Coupled with a perforated heart , who?

Would ever absolved a Mickey mouse?

Why would people associte with puzzles?

When their lives are hurdles.

Aren't them gotten enough?

Extra baggies, with no usefulness!

And a Catholic pettiness.

Fresh souls with no way to support?

A puzzle per day, hurdled chains for years ,

Who? Would ever absolved a Mickey mouse?

Though petty but extremely annoying,

Nothing in him calls for attractiveness.

People wondered!!!

got you nothing?

Are you good for nothing ?

Got no mileage left in life?

We wouldn't absolved a Mickey mouse.

Like a prodigal, retorted he.

Tried , tried , I have tried ,

Said the miserly wretched..

I ....I ...I but to no avail.

Tried , tried , I have tried.

I am not good for me ,

how will I be good for others?

Tried , tried I have tried .

Though he tried, to make things

Yet, nothing in him could drag real men.

The best visitant wasn't a real men.

SUDDENLY, like a flash

Life, sat on his perforated heart.

He was amended, head straightened

"You got to be useful" ,

Said the ONE

Useful! useful to yourself , be useful.

If you aren't , How could you be to others ?

You got to be useful.

Your HEART first, then others .

That's how we all become USEFUL...

Foluso Goodluck.


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