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Life's Problem

Life as it is.

Life's Problem

Each day in life has it's own Problem. If you try to avoid it, you're trying to make it worse.

Everyday you sleep, eat, wake, avoid trouble and all, you enjoy the pleasures of life and also You're praying not to die, knowing fully well you'll still go to the greater beyond.

We Came to this world, not by our will and we leave also not by our will.

Life has a store where it gives free Problem to everybody, and it isn't even your will to ask for your problem, Life just send you a home delivery of problem.

I think I've got a way to solve life's problem, not by death or running away.

But by creating a new "HEART", a new "MINDSET", and a new "YOU".

Just live life as you wanna live it, when problems come face it, don't only face it, "BEAT IT"

"The only worry in life shouldn't be death, it should be the legacy you built before your Afterlife."

So try as hard as possible to live your life to the fullest without fear and hate.

let your behavior make you be recognized

Thank you.


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