Life starts with God

A.G KoredešŸŒ·2022/03/02 16:03

Have you ever wondered how life came into existence?

Life starts with God

Lost in my realm of thought

I sat with my spirit, soul and mind in our court

Before us a case was brought

The misery behind life we had to sought

Where does life come from?

From whom was it formed?

Does it have a dwelling place or a home?

Those were the mysteries I have to unfold

I set out looking for it source

I wanted to know of it's cause

At the end I realized it's right in front of me

I just wanted to see it as what I wanted it to be

They said there is no reaction without an action

That gave me a good solution to the genesis of life's formation

It is a reaction to a word

The word uttered by the creator

The one who formed life and brought it into existence

The one reverend as God

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