Made For The Season

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Made For The Season






(A Chapbook)


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Made For The Season is a collection of fourteen poems specifically written for people to savor the celebration of Christmas. The chapbook contains Christmas-related poems aimed at inspiring, entertaining and educating readers in the light of hope as they look forward to the New Year.

Some of the poems are written in prose forms. Merry Christmas! One of the poems, ‘’a phone conversation’’ was written in a play format, all in an attempt to bring about the presence of Christmas in the face of a man-woman relationship.

 The conceived thoughts and written expressions cut across all ages and belief spectra.




















Table of Contents

Dotting the ‘’I’’ and Crossing the ‘’T’’ of ChrisTmas


The Feel of Christmas

Love for Christmas

The Christmas!

My Parents’ promises for me this Christmas

December 25th: The Date

Merry Christmas!

The Month of December

The Tri-angles of Christmas Wishes

Let’s Celebrate Christmas!

Christmas Time!

The Christmas Proper

Merry Christmas (ii)














Dotting the ‘’I’’ and Crossing the ‘’T’’ of ChrisTmas

‘’Chris, what do you intend to do this season?’’ asked his friend, Tmas.

‘’Well, it’s a season we need each other’’ responded Chris

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’In life, particularly this season, it takes two to tango’’

‘’Please explain more’’ Tmas said, looking more anxious

‘’look at us. We can join forces to make this holiday worthwhile’’


‘’We have what it takes to make the celebration a memorable one’’

‘’What’s it, Chris?’’

‘’It’s simply Dotting the ‘I’ and crossing the ‘T’ of Christmas’’

‘’Chris, there you go again! I’m lost in your explanation, right now’’

‘’You see, my name is Chris. Yours is Tmas. Right?’’


‘’If we agree to work this season out together, you would see that the ‘I’ in the name ‘Chris’ and the ‘T’ in the name ‘Tmas’ means a lot’’

‘’So what?’’

‘’The ‘I’ being dotted and the ‘T’ being crossed will bring about you and I to tango’’


‘’If we decided to put our names together, we would savor the season’’

‘’I see’’ Tmas responded, having a clue where Christ is driving at.

‘’Chris, my name. Tmas, your name. If we joined our names, it would be ChrisTmas!’’

‘’Wow’’ exclaimed the fascinated Tmas. ‘’It’s interesting to know how the dotting of the ‘I’ of your name and crossing of the ‘T’ of my name can make a befitting ChrisTmas!’’

‘’That’s the spirit!’’ Chris assured. ‘’You see dotting the ‘I’ and crossing the ‘T’ of our names as we practically tango, or should I say, ‘work together?’ will earn us ChrisTmas!’’

‘’That’s thoughtful of you’’, Tmas reasoned. ‘’Let’s get into the business of working together or like you’ve just said, ‘let’s tango’’’

‘’Tmas, that’s what I’ve been saying about Dotting the ‘I’ and Crossing the ‘T’ of ChrisTmas!’’ Chris Concluded.
























C-Christ Comes

H-Honor Heightens

R-Reality Reckons

I-Influence Imbibes

S-Substance Supplies

T-Time Tells

M-Masses Moves

A-Accomplishment Accounts

S-Selling Situates
















The Feel of Christmas

Every day is a celebration day

But on this day, it’s a Special Day;

the feel is just not ordinary


Every day is a merry-making day

But on this day, it’s in itself a Merry Day;

the feel is just not a ‘’normally’’


Every day is a reflection day

But on this day, it’s a Stand-out, Sober-Reflection day;

the feel is just not temporarily


Every day is a gift-exchange day

But on this day, it’s a memorable Boxing Day;

the feel is just not materially


Every day is a should-be ‘’Christmas’’ day

But on this day, it’s actually a Christmas Day!

the feel is just not a mere Christmas frenzy!






The Christmas!

The once-in-a-year event

The opportunity to reach out to others in need

The period of typically exchanging gifts

The time for streams of carols and celebration songs

The date where all bunnies, mistletoes, trees and decorations are fully permitted

The occasion where there is sober reflections

The space of exploring sales of goods and services

The point where decisions and actions for the coming New Year are taken

The era where the savior of the world was believed to have been birthed

That’s The Christmas!















My Parents’ Promises for me this Christmas

Its seven days to Christmas

I’m so excited about it!

I will be on holiday;

free from school activities and other disturbing tasks in class

I will have the opportunity to remind my parents their promises for me;

the amusement park, the holiday resorts around and outside town

and lots more!

I will play with my friends

I will put on my favorite Cloth of Many Colors dress

I will help mom and dad decorate our house,

provided they give me what they promised, seven days before.














December 25th: The Date

December 25th is the Christmas Date;

the reason I can’t afford to wait

the opportunity where I can meet my age-long mate

the entrance to the celebration is through the Christmas Gate;

‘’Merry Christmas’’ is the pass to enter

The businesses of the day anticipate some modest sales rate

The  period in time where I look forward to my marriage to my long-time friend, Kate

That’s indeed December 25th : The Date

(D-A-T-E: Defined Attainment (of) Time Embraced)
















Merry Christmas!

( The Phone conversation between James and Jane)

Jane: James, it’s been over eleven months in the waiting for Christmas

James: Jane, in as much as we’ve been waiting for this period to come; now it has. You know how time flies.

Jane: You’re right! I’ve been waiting for us to meet. You know what James?

James (sounding anxious): Jane, What’s that? You know I’m not good at guessing rightly

Jane: Just guess….

James (a bit upset): Just can’t!!

Jane: Okay. You know I miss you a lot.

James (Indifferent): Yea. Is that all you have to tell me, Jane?

Jane: So, what’s wrong with that? You know how upset I could be…when you sound that way

James: Oh! I’m so sorry. It was never intended.

Jane (jokingly): You’d better be. Anyway, apologies accepted. We are about being ushered into a season of love, merry-making and harmony. So, no need to harbor bitterness

James: I agree. You’re right! Will be great meeting you after missing you…

Jane: I can’t wait to have my arms around your shoulders so tightly. You know what I mean

James: You can say that again, sweetheart. I roger that! (Smiles) It won’t be long, honey. Just two weeks to the time.

Jane:  I will be on leave before then and before your eyes would twinkle, I’ll be with you, saying, ‘Merry Christmas!’

James: Jane, I’ll be glad to reciprocate this. I dream of seeing you…like now! Merry Christmas, my dearest Jane!

Jane: Merry Christmas to my darling, James. Again, Merry Christmas!

James: Got to go, Jane. Will call you back later

Jane (concerned): Hope no problem…

James: Nah! It’s just that I got some other tasks on my work plate to attend. Hmmm…wished we could keep talking every day. Just have to go back to work. Merry Christmas in advance!

Jane: Merry Christmas in Advance, darling. Miss you!!! (Kisses the phone)


The End























The Month of December

Welcome to the ‘December’ month

There are three other ‘’ber’’ months-September, October and November

But the month of December is different

It is a period for the season of Christmas;

the celebration of the yuletide

the month where the first day would be counted as a build-up to the celebration date-Christmas Day

the preparation of gifts items, other presents, food varieties and several decoration tastes starts long before the December 25th deadline

the month o December houses the ‘’Merry Christmas’’ celebration and paves way for the ‘’Happy New Year’’ wish.
















The Tri-angles of Christmas wishes

(From me, them and you (to yourself)


I wish all the best in this Christmas for you,

They wish all that Christmas can best offer you,

then, it will not be out of place to say this to yourself: ‘’I wish me all the best Christmas can offer’’


These are the simple Tri-angle of Christmas wishes















Let's celebrate Christmas!


Let's Celebrate Christmas!


In a place where Christ has its domain

In a place where the reason for his celebration is not in vain

In a place where the savior of the world is the main


Let's celebrate Christmas!


In a place where the is mistletoe is evident

In a place where Christmas Trees are prevalent

In a place where the Santa Claus is always present


Let's celebrate Christmas!


In a place where merriment abounds

In a place where sober reflection surrounds

In a place where resolutions for the New Year mounts


In all, Let's celebrate Christmas!


























Christmas Time!

There comes this holiday

It’s not just any other day!

The world has placed a strong value on it

People are always on the verge of doing the feat

Gifts, presents and other great substances are exhibited

The celebration galore is always depicted

All and sundry are in the mood of merriment

It’s the time for enjoyment

Compliments of its season are heard everywhere

The best of complimenting outfits kids wear

Love for one another becomes obvious

The event is indeed glamorous

Celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world is the reason some religions mark this holiday

This happens on the Dec.25th day

To some, it’s a time for sober reflections;

To determine their New Year’s Resolutions

To others, it’s the time for rest;

To prepare their minds for the best

To the business people, it’s time for sales;

To make efforts to work out yielding profit scales.

It’s simply celebration time!

It’s simply called Christmas Time!





The Christmas Proper

Jingle Bells I hear

The Horse’s Ride I care

Christmas bunnies I yearn

Boxed presents I earn

Decorations I learn

Santa Claus I fear

The Amusement park I visit

The Grotto I sit

Friends and families I have fun with

The fun I live everyday with

The Festivity I can’t afford to falter

The very reason I recognize The Christmas Proper












Merry Christmas (ii)

It’s been a long time coming!

A once-in-a-year event nearing

I’ve been getting ready for yuletide

Taking every circumstance in great stride

It’s about me making plans for the following year

Working hard so that New Year’s Resolution won’t be at the rear

I have to live with the moment as I press on

Positioning me in the light of thorough reflection is the impression

It’s about savoring the festive period

Caring about my neighbors is the watch word

I have to celebrate with people en masse

To wish them a fruitful Merry Christmas!






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