The Valence of Cynicism

Mr Ben2022/02/21 13:01

The Valence of Cynicism

Poem: The Valence of Cynicism
                                           (I)With money, 
love from people comes around
People's interest towards you abound
They want relationship with you
Their interest is hidden from your view
Some want  you to have intimacy with them
Their 'want-back-in return' you won't condemn
When they are satisfied with they want,
they say outside your hearing what you are not.
You want to show altruism
But they depict Cynicism.
Diogenes was a character of transparency
His mannerism was void of hypocrisy
The truth was exposing the lies of culture of humanity
Ancient Greek had its elitism off the reality
Living by the idea was an evidence
He gave the ideology of Cynicism a substance
The ancient Greek elite kept his activities in private 
 Diogenes' lifestyle of copulation and defecation in public exposed his mate.
The double-standard cutture was typical among the elites.
Diogenes' idea of Cynicism  unveiled the truth to the less-considered minorites.

Politicians are seen as great tools for change

But are concerned from what they to gain from the meagre wage

Politicians unveils to their subjects  what they want to hear
But ensure they utterly steer clear
Politicians encourage the use of vaccine shots
But they immune themselves from the faults.
Politicians appear to be selfless in service
But are really spinless-to the people in terms of importance
Polticians assure people change is on the way
But eventually leave them in dismay


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