Insecurity in Nigeria: The Cynicism Behind Politics and Religion

Mr Ben2022/02/21 12:10

Insecurity In Nigeria: The Cynicism Behind Politics and Religion


Nigeria is currently faced by the challenging insecurity confronting the social and economic spaces currently occupied by Nigerians. It has been a subject one of attacks to another in the various geopolitical zones of the country. The current state of insecurity in the country is baffling. Nigerians hardly sleep comfortably with their eyes closed!


The International Monetary Fund and World Health Organization have stated that 57 percent of Nigerians live below the poverty line. The majority live on less than a US dollar a day. This is a nation where there is abundance of mineral, material and human resources! With unemployment exponentially on the rise, the high cost of living and consequent low standard of living have inexplicably led most Nigerians to feed from hand to mouth! Coupled with the declining standard of social amenities, the nation unveils citizens who would be snare by some predators.


There are basically three religions in Nigeria: Christianity, Islam and Traditional worship. Geographically, there are three regions in the country: North, East and West Region. Politically, there are the North-East, North-Central, North West, South-South, South-West and South-East. The center controls power (Federalism). The North and South generally are Islam- and Christianity-dominated respectively


In recent years, things have taking a political turn as the Oligarchs, commonly referred to as the Fulanis, have strategically and over time, in plain sight, actually depicted their cynical interest to abruptly take over Nigeria. They are of the belief that Allah has entrusted the ownership of the territory, known as Nigeria into their hands. As postulated by their father, Uthman Dan Fodio, in 1804, these strangers have over the years gained political grounds and registered their influences in all productive sectors of the Nigerian economy. From military, law, business, maritime, telecommunications, educations, banking to military, these strangers have taken over all sensitive positions. In the business world, they have monopolized trade and all pertinent transactions endangering the once-upon-a-time diversified business economy.


As mentioned, they have occupied and dominated almost their entire northern geo-political zones of the country. These strangers whose relations are wanderers from the Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, Bukina Fasso, Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea have pledged with their brothers, the Fulanis, to conquer Nigeria and have their permanent abode. As Uthman Dan Fodia, their common ancestor planned, they have been implementing in a tip-toe totalitarian fashion what is commonly known as the Islamization Agenda or, better yet, the Fulanization Agenda.


 The Oligarchs are using the mechanism of Islam as tool to subdue the indigenous tribes through collaboration of their relations and political authority. They own and run all sectors of the economy and whatever they decide, even if it goes against the constitutionalized legal process, it is being implemented. As a matter of fact, the Fulanization Agenda is actually a ‘work-in-progress’ phenomenon where foot soldiers known as the Myetti Allah and Boko Haram are dispersed as Herdsmen, normads moving cattle through the length and breadth of the nation but carrying licensed weapons ( they usually carry along with them AK 47). Brainwashed they are, the mayhem constituted leaves one seriously concerned. For over four years, these Bandits, as they are popularly known, have killed scores of innocent civilians throughout the nation. The irony is that none of them is brought to book! No justice for those whose lives were lost!


 Interestingly, they use the Northern part of the country as their footstool to perpetuate ‘the crime against humanity’. The foot soldiers are being sold an awkward Islamic Ideology of declaring a Holy War against the infidels: those who do not share the same faith with them. Surprisingly, they are being conditioned to wage war against the indigenous tribes, who, in history, peacefully welcomed and gave them habitable lands to domicile. However, through conquest, eliminating those (primarily, the Hausa, one of the major tribes in Nigeria) who harbored them, they gained nearly all territorial control of the north—a place where Uthman Dan Fodio set foot on.



 Interestingly, using their technocrats in charge of border and territorial affairs, the Oligarchs have successfully permitted the heavy influx of foreign insurgents (their relatives from neighboring African countries) without any pass but licensed with guns to engage the indigenous people in some ‘Jihad’ or Holy War. Sadly, the media can only report a handful of gruesome murders. The rationale for this is what one cannot figure out!


In the Southern Part, where the bulk of all resources are found, their stooges doing their bidding—forcing the realization of the Islamization Agenda on their subjects---make policies for Herdsmen to invade without questioning and inflict the havocs they engendered in the North. Unfortunately, scores of innocent civilians had lives taken away from them! No justice for the departed!


The massive insecurity situation in the name of religion is causing unrest in Nigeria.









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