Hacking Ticks :

Elina Queen2022/02/19 16:40

Hacking field is most popular in all world . You must become a good hacker . You just focus on your work . 1- provide a high internet connection . 2- you learn computer language . 3- your language is high to hack any website . 4- you perform work in coding programs . No knowledge for hacking but your interest is well you make skills and performance working . Your first target is learn language: Commond program : Eclipse download . Programing languages : 1- c 2- c++ 3- php 4- java core 5- python Secondly you perform work in coding : You start program make code in language . I shore your hacking level is start when you start in this steps . Thirdly your experience is gain in hacking skills : Language Coding High internet Your speed Your mind When you learn language this is very important to all digital works . For example: Digital jobs Website maker App maker Freelancing jobs Logo design Digital marketing Make many computer software .

Hacking Ticks :

Hacking ticks .





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