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Sexual intimacy is a beautiful experience, there’s no gainsaying to the fact or shying away from its reality. And I wouldn’t try to be too religious than the pope on this matter. It’s an amazing experience to relish the moment with the one you deeply love, and who would reciprocate the same.

But unfortunately, this is usually not the case with many. They fell into the trap of premarital sex with men who want to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intimacy, but shy away from the commitment that comes with it. And this has made some women generalize and conclude that all men want sex.

Are all men after premarital sex?

Absolutely not. But the percentage of those who want it is more than those who do not, and this has made it look as if all of them want it.

Ladies, take note of this golden truth and never be emotional about it. Why some men want sex before marriage and some do not is primarily a function of the condition of their heart. Based on this condition, there are countable reasons why those who want it places a demand on it, meanwhile, ignorant ladies give in.

This condition is caused by the darkness in their soul. Whether a man is a “Christian”, or not, when his soul is darkened or blinded by the god of this world, never expect him to do what is right or obey God’s command regarding abstinence and other issues of life.

Because of the darkness in a man’s soul, he would cheat on you, demand premarital sex, and he wouldn’t see it as something bad, or evil. This also applies to women who yielded their bodies as an instrument of unrighteousness to sin.

If you’re truly a light, you won’t say yes to a man who wants illicit sex. Ladies who say yes to men’s premarital sex offer are also blinded by darkness. Darkness would bow to darkness, but light will never conform, no matter what.

And please hear this, you can’t curb cheating or curtail inordinate affection for premarital sex through discipline, it can only be addressed when the light of God permeates your soul. Going to church without having a genuine encounter with Jesus won’t dispel the darkness in your soul. This is why only those who know the truth about sex would be set free from the bondage of illicit sex, come what may.

However, a few of these reasons why premarital sex would be demanded by men whose souls have been darkened are as follows.

1. To test their (your) sexual prowess

Due to the barrage of explicit sexual content from the movie and music industry, and the Internet, some men are curious about knowing their sexual ability and capacity. Experimenting with this won’t be done in isolation, but ignorant women who made themselves available for this will fall victim.

Will you be a laboratory specimen for a man to test his sexual stamina and skills? My dear, wake up. Premarital sex isn’t the best way to ascertain sexual compatibility, anything other than honest discussion about it is sin.

More so, you don’t need to test your sexual ability before marriage. It’s a lie from the pit of hell arising from darkened souls to believe you must test each other’s sexual prowess before marriage.

If you want to know your sexual compatibility, talk, be sincere, open up if you have issues with your sexuality. If he wants to stay, let him know what he’s going to face, and if he decides to leave, don’t be apologetic about it.

2. To determine fertility

Thank God for scientific research, there are several ways to ascertain the fertility of who you want to marry without using sex as a means.

Go to medical laboratories and have each other examined if you want to know how fertile your man or woman is before you take them to the alter. If you allow your fertility to be tested through premarital sex, you’d face whatever outcome that comes with it.

As believers, we trust, we don’t test. And if you’re a genuine Christian and you obtained His mercy, you won’t fall into the trap of receivers who will use fertility tests as bait to have premarital sex with you.

3. Societal influence and pressure

To resist the temptation of having premarital sex in this present age is more than willpower, you need His grace. Why some men trap women into illicit sex is because they succumbed to societal influence and pressure.

It’s a shame to an average man if his friend knows that he’s still a virgin at twenty or thirty-something. And based on this, he might be influenced to seek out sexual pleasure from his partner if he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Some would even be told that if you don’t have sex with your woman, she’d probably get it elsewhere, or she would think you’re SU or JJC. All of these are societal influences that made some men demand premarital sex from ladies.

4. Lack of self-control

It’s not a crime to have a morning erection or feel horny, but there is a grace provided to control it. Those who believe they can’t tame the cravings of the flesh for sexual pleasure do not see anything wrong with it, hence, they would demand it.

5. To feel connected

Some men believe that the way they can feel a bond exist between them and their partner is when they have sex, and that’s equally a lie. There are many ways you can connect with your partner without sexual intimacy.

Intimacy can exist emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Don’t be a tomfoolery.

What’s the way out if you find yourself in a relationship where a man says, ” No sex, no marriage or relationship?”

1. Buy the Truth

2. Know the Truth

3. Obey the Truth

Do not allow anyone to deceive you with the lies that premarital sex isn’t sinful. There’s a right time to have sex – marriage – and doing it elsewhere would bring regret and it’s detrimental to your destiny. You can be forgiven, but forgiveness does not erase the consequence. Buy the truth, know it and let it set you free.


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