Candy2022/02/19 04:34

A poem that describes my whole emotional state 🥺 .... like if you can relate



It hurt to know that life played me for a fool

It hurt when I realized even my friends weren't real

The joyful laughs and the welcoming hugs

Were nothing but a trail of lies

The pain of disappointment

Became an attachment

But ever felt fresh

Preventing all amendment

When I managed to look up

I saw the light of hope

Manipulating my mind to cook up

Plans to help me cope

My efforts to me nowhere

For my pain overpowered my heart

I looked and searched everywhere

For hands to push my cart

To drag me from this painful world

And the tears in which I sat

The beating drum of my heart

Against my broken soul

The force tearing me apart

And the voice that said come home

Home seemed to be so far

My legs won't let me go

I try to be brave

For the freedom that I crave

But every eye stare at me

Waiting for me to fail

I can't hold on any longer

I need death to quench my hunger

So my wounds will heal faster

And the pain will be no more

But that just seems impossible

Yet the pain is so unbearable

How did I get so vulnerable

I thought I was undefeatable

But now it's weighing me down

My life is in pieces now

For broken, broken

Is indeed what I am now.

                                               ~iWind 🌸


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