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Caramel love

Caramel love

I was getting ready for my ballet rehearsal when Nadley my sister yelled my nam

"Kimberly!". Everyday was like this me getting up late and rushing to the call of Nadley.Taking my shoes and trying to put on my top at the same time made tri

"Ugh!". I was damn tired of being like this. I'm kimberly bong an Asian American, living a life of a ballerina in paris was my dream come true but working this hard was not in the agend

Still on the floor something caught my eyes under my bed reaching out for it I discovered it was a box, an old box in a heart shap

I opened it out of curiosity maybe Nadley kept it there for me to open later. Inside was full of chocolates, caramel chocolate

I got down with the box in my hand to ask Nadle

"Nadley, did you do this?". I asked placing the box on the dinning tabl

"No, but I found it out with your name on it. I thought you might have ordered it. Didn't you?

Nadley asked looking a bit worried that I asked who it was from. Nadley is my big sister she taken care of me ever since our parents died seven years ago in a tragic car accident. At thirty two she was still living a life for m

"Don't worry I will handle it myself Nadley. You have taken care of me enough. You should find your own life". I said starting up a conversation we have had many time

"You are my life. God, are we getting on this again". Nadley said dropping her for

"I'm twenty six for crying out loud. You are supposed to be settled with kids. I can take care of my self." I state

"You can take care of yourself when I'm dead". She said devastatedly and everywhere quiet down. I have been traumatized with the word death ever since our parents die

"I'm sorry that came out wrongly ". Nadley said trying to ease the atmospher

"You know I'm just trying to look out for you just like you do for me". I said calmly taking her hands. "It won't be bad if I see you with someone you love. It will make me really happy, I'm grateful that you look out for me but let me look out for you too, okay." I said with and Nadley sighe

"Fine, it won't be easy to look out for me". Nadley said and I smile

"Don't worry I'm good at anything". I said returning back to my breakfas

Paris street have always been full of wonderful air, fashion and glamour. It's so busy that you won't feel left out as you watch people of different caliber pass b

"I will pick you up by six today, okay". Nadley said before I stepped out of her ca

"Right, like you always". I said sarcasticall

"I apologized for the other times". Nadley sai

"You are a police officer and you have too much in your hands. I would like if you take care of your job while I come back today alone." I stepping out quickly not to give her a chance to argu

"Bye." I waved at her before running into the ballet schoo

"Anna méleque


"Kimberly bong


"P-present". I said panting from my ru

"Always late. I wonder how you will make it to the next competitio

"Sorry, madam". I said walking fast to my spo

Every other girl answered to their names before we started the day's rehearsa

Madam grace has been my ballet director since I moved to paris. She is a bossy woman who hates no for an answer, always early and passionate about her jo

I danced through out the rehearsal correcting every mistake madam grace point out till it was six in the evenin

I didn't wait for Nadley to come pick me this tim

I didn't take the bus home because I wanted to trek and enjoy the beautiful gift of natur

I hadn't had lunch since rehearsal I was too focused on correcting my mistakes that I missed lunch. Now my stomach was grumbling I needed something to ea

"Hey move out of the way". I heard someone say but before I could turn to the voice a guy on a bicycle snitched my ba

"Hey, stop no I haven't had lunch!!". I screamed in frustration I was damn hungr

"Please come back and give me a little money". I said breaking down on the street. I was lucky the street was less crowd

"Ms, next time run for the bag and not scream for a share of your money". I had a deep male voice say while my head was still ben

I looked up and saw him with my bag I couldn't be more delighte

"Thank you". I said trying to get up but I staggered. He quickly held me from fallin

"Are you alright?". He aske

"Yes, I'm fine just a bit dizzy

"Because you are hungry?". He asked and I laughed a bi

"You can say that". I said steadying mysel

"You were lost". He sai

"Excuse me?

"You were not listening when I called you to get out of the way. You heard me when I called you the third time." He sai

"Really?". I said I didn't know I even spaced out what was on my mind

"Yeah." He said looking at me with curiosit

"Sorry about that". I said smiling at him. And then my stomach grumbled again it was quite embarrassing but he laughe

"Let's get your stomach some food it seems to be paranoid." He said with a nice smile on his face and I couldn't help but say "you look handsome when you smile". I wished that didn't come out but it did. I couldn't take it bac

" I should smile often, then." He said leading me to his car. I was already red from what I said but I kinda liked it. He was quite handsome thoug

"Sorry for my manners. I'm Eric Quint

"It's okay, I haven't introduced myself too

"I know you, your are kimberly bong the world's greatest ballerina". He sai

"Oh, but I'm not the greatest". I said with a chuckl

"What makes you say that?

"I have just won a few competitions and nothing much

"You shouldn't be too humble when it comes to your achievements. You are a gold medalist for the past sixteen years and you have performed lead ballets on so many stages. Please don't be offended I have been your fan since you started dancing." He said surprising me mor

"Well, I don't know what to say seems like you know me too well." I sai

"Not too well just from afar". He said stopping at a restauran

"Shall we?, I don't want to keep you starving". He said opening his car door for me. He is quite a gentlema

We placed our order and waited for it to arrive. Meanwhile we were both inching to know each other mor

"So what do you do?. I mean you already know I'm a ballerina

"I'm a doctor. A cardiologist to be precise. I live at california but I came to see my girlfriend perform at a violin play here in paris." He said and I felt broken. He had a girlfriend what was I thinking a guy like him would definitely have someone. Why do I feel this way I don't even know him that muc

"Then why a you here having a meal with a complete stranger". I asked him having a little hope that he was still singl

"Mind you, you are not a stranger and she will understand. Could you sign this for me." He said handing me a gift card to sig

So he was getting my autograph for his girlfriend. how swee

Our order arrived and we chatted a little before our meeting came to an en

"Would you like me to drop you off

"Don't worry I will be fine". I said wishing I didn't. I wanted to steal him. He is so attentive and mindful of what to say. He makes my heart grow whenever he smiles or laugh. I just want him to be mine. Within this short period we have known each other I feel like we could be more but that was my fantas

" Take care then". He said before getting into his car. I watched him until his car was out of sight. I was sa

I got home and Nadley wasn't yet back. I wondered what time we would come home if I had waite

I took a warm bath, Thinking of him made me want him more and as I thought of him I felt like going crazy. I didn't even collect his number how stupid of m

I went to the shelf where I kept the box of chocolates and opened one. A letter short letter was wrapped with the chocolat

I took out the paper and read it ou

"Take a caramel chocolate once a day and read what is wrapped in it. Today I saw the most beautiful girl...

It's a love letter wrapped with chocolate. I was curious so I opened the next on

"She had the most prettiest and warmest smile that calmed my soul. And what was more beautiful was the way she...

'C'mon, couldn't he cut the suspense'. I thought in my mind as I took the next chocolat

"Two is enough for the night don't tell me you are going to open all". Nadley said startling me a bi

"Your back. It's a love letter and I would love to read it". I sai

"Then what's the fun of the surprise in it. Each chocolate has a letter and I'm sure the writer would want you to follow his wish and open it once a day." Nadley said and I closed the box swallowing my curiosity to

"How was work?". I aske

"The same. Joe is getting married next month and we had a criminal on the run today. How was rehearsal?". Nadley said taking of her unifor

"It was great a lot of work to do with the new dance and that's all

"Don't stress yourself much". Nadley said before falling asleep. Nadley loved her job and being a police was quite dangerous but she still loves it just like I loved dancin

I didn't want to disturb her so I covered her with a blanket and went to my roo

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual. Prepared for the day's rehearsal and wished Nadley goodbye before running off to the ballet schoo

"Kimberly you are early today. See me after rehearsal". Madam grace said and I couldn't help but smile. Today I took two chocolates from the box. I decided to have them as lunch during brea

I danced perfectly this time but with a different energy maybe it was because of the chocolate box. I was curious and excited at the same tim

After rehearsal madam grace called m

"Kimberly, there is an upcoming competition at california next month. And it would be good if you sign up for it. Theme of the dance is the nutcracker. So that's all have a good evening." Madam grace said. She was always simple whenever she talke

I took the form and sighed up for the danc

As I trekked back home I unwrapped the chocolate and read the continuation of the lette

"She danced was a the most wonderful scene I had ever seen in my life. But I fear she would not like me like I do. She...

I quickly unwrapped the next chocolate to satisfy my curiosit

"She goes to the same school as I do but I remain a nobody to everyone I won't be surprised if she didn't know me..

How sad. I didn't know everyone one in school then but I would love to know who this is and why he didn't approach m

Today I took the bus and got home earl

I prepared dinner and saved some for Nadley when she comes bac

Having nothing to do I decided to rehearse the nutcracker until Nadley came bac

"Nadley I signed up for a competition at california today". I said while she had her dinne

"Do you want me to come with you?". She asked wanting my opinio

"You have work and..

"You know I will always support your decision no matter what." She said assuring me it was ok to say my min

"I will go alone and by the time I come back find a boyfriend that you will present to me as your future husband". I said and Nadley laughed heartedly she remained me of Eri

Two weeks went by and the month for the competition arrived. It was June. I had learnt the nutcracker dance but still needed more rehearsals. Now, I was at the airport wishing Nadley goodbye before joining my fellow dancers. I had also opened most of the chocolate and it's letters warmed my heart. I became eager to find my admire

The flight to California was a bit long but we here safely. I phoned Nadley once I was inside the hotel that we already booked. She was grateful that we landed safely and wished me luck before ending the cal

We started rehearsal the next day. As we rehearsed I tried so hard to get the nutcracker spine that I sprained my ankle. It was not a good sign for the competition and to calm my nerve I had one of the chocolat

I was taken to the hospital for immediate treatmen

It was then I met Eric the second time. It was quite a dream come true Eric owned the hospital. We talked and laughed and my heart started to grow agai

"How can you sprain your ankle when you have a competition coming.?" He seemed worried as he examined my ankl

"It's nothing much..

"This is something serious kimberly. This could put an end to your dancing career. You need to be more careful." He said and I couldn't help but smile. He was concerned about m

I started to wonder if he was still with his girlfriend but I didn't think too much about i

We went out for dinner and he helped me walk each time I felt pain he insisted to carry me but I refused. How stupid of m

"So how have you been?". I asked while we had dinne

"Free". He said and I wondere

"Your girlfriend should keep you company". I sai

"We broke up. She cheated on me the night I met you". He said a little bit dow

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said more than happ

"Don't be weren't that close anyway. The distance was too much between us." He said with a slight smil

"How have you been?". He asked m

"Well I discovered an admirer who hasn't come up to me yet and his letters are so lovely." I said remembering each letter I had rea

"I see you have been well. So what Will you do about your admirer?". He asked with happiness in his eye

"I will find him". I said and Eric smile

The next day I fully recovered I thought about Eric and couldn't help inviting him to dinner. I skipped my evening rehearsal to have dinner with him. And when I told him I had skip rehearsal he promised to dance with m

After dinner we held each other his hand on my back sent a beautiful sensation down my spine. I could feel our attraction and I couldn't help but fall in love with him. On our last twirl he pulled me close and kissed me passionatel

Every day I skipped evening rehearsal to dance with him. I discovered we were madly in love with each other and as we danced I improved in the nutcracker. We went out on dates, spent time together during the weekend and did a lot of things couples would d

On day while I was in his house only on his shirt. I went into his study I saw something that I couldn't believe. The same initial on the chocolate letters were on the books in his shelf and the same chocolate was on his des

'caramel love

He couldn't be.

"Love, where are you?". I heard him say. I came out of his study and carried me up kissing me all over my face. I loved this ma

The day for the competition came and I felt quite confident. Nadley came with a guy she said was her boyfriend and I was more than pleased when I saw their attraction to each other. Eric came looking as dashing as ever. However, the chocolate was remaining two in the box I opened them for my nerves to calm down before the competition started. The last two letters rea

"In the future when she would decide to look for me I will be waiting. I will be standing in a dashing suit with a beautiful red tulip flower for her to know it me, her caramel love...♥️

I went on stage when I was calle

After dancing I went to Eric the old heart shaped box of chocolate. My were filled with delight and happiness. My Eric was standing there with a beautiful red tulip and a new heart shaped bo

"You are my caramel love". I said more than excited I hugged him and he kissed m

"I love you kimberly and I will forever love you. Thank you for finding me. I thought you won't ever open that box

"No, thank you for waiting for me my caramel love." I said and we kissed again. Thanks to him I won the competition and we lived happily forever


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