Francis2022/02/14 05:22

The night loved ones exchange embrace,

When everyone dressed in red as in a race.

I remember it all.

When I colored my room,

With roses around that bloom.

For this day one feels special

If spent with the right person.

That day on a cold rainy night,

While the place with reddish light,

Shown on her face so bright.

I remember it all.

The glory of the day was in her face,

The beauty of the morning, one could guess.

A warm embrace one feels,

After feeling truly cared for.

I sat behind a table,

In my hands, a bouquet with a label.

On the other side a little present box.

She approached me in a large red dress.

And red were her lips.

She blossomed like a red rose newly washed with dew,

The beauty of the night in her eyes.

She picked up a glass,

Brought it to me,

Then smiled and said

Happy Valentine's day.


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