Say no to racism

Palermo2022/02/12 06:59

What if we lay down our differences and embrace love.

Say no to racism

Love is a vitamin to peace.

When we embrace love, peace shows up like a miracle. No human is lesser than the other.

Our skin colour should not determine what our society offers us. It must not be used as a tool to diminish anyone.

No one is giving the opportunity to pick what race he belongs, we all came to this world with hope to live and let's live. Dig a pit and bury the hate in you. Let's all decide to live in friendship, love and respect for one another. This is our only chance to resolving the crisis across the globe. This is our only chance to survive, this is our only hope to live. As for me, I will love you no matter what. I will love you because I have no doubt we were sent here for the same purpose, to light up the world. Your light, my light, his light, her light; all put together will make our world dazzling. Think about it.


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