silence of midnight

yulis2022/02/11 11:31

Silence of midnight Poetry twilight rainbow alonely seems on the twilight

Twilight rainbow

twilight rainbow


You never see men


do you never miss men

Where is the sun today...

hard to imagine...

my love goes out

for you won't love you more..

let the restless clouds wait for men

even though the sun is never seen

i miss you guys...

you are a rainbow of colors

which will not be destroyed by time

then and now

difference between earth and sky

my pride for you

Will disappear with the strong wind

i realized...

you are always for men

Whatever the strong wind

include my whole body

who are you..

are you my friend ever

hurt your heart...

whoever you are...

i really didn't think

you were there

Time after time..

night turns to day


silence in life

when did i wake up...

where i liven

How much longer

Do i know the meaning of life

so empty

she is so deep

where do you liven now

where is my life

who has gone...


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