The Pathway to Life

dpmusictutors2022/02/11 00:01

There is One who is expert in fixing people's problems

The Pathway to Life - Part 1

You can go ahead breaking things, I will replace them;
But, what happens if you're broken?
Who is going to replace you?
Who will give you a new heart?

The things you've seen with your eyes might seem too hard to bear;
Your load and burden might seem too heavy to carry;
But there is One who is expert in fixing people's problems,

He is the God of the past, of the present and of the future.

Your life might have been messed up so bad,
To the level where it seems unammendable again,
Hand it over to Jesus and
He'll fix all broken parts.

You might have lived in darkness,

You might have dwelt in isolation;
You might have seen the darkest side of life,
You might have experienced the worst scenario in life,
Just give yourself over to God and let Him remould you!

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