Shadow- the story of my life

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Shadow- the story of my life

Shadow - story of my life

In 2001, I was 11 years old. Everything was fine. I went to school, I played with my friends and so on. But, my ordinary life suddenly shook by a stranger insidence. On 12th March, 2001. Our school arranged a camp near our town

Woods. It was nearly evening our school’s seniors were busy making the camp side along with the teachers. And the juniors were busy playing with one another. I and my best friend James were planning to scape the camp side and go to the woods to search for ghosts. Then we did as we planned; we escaped and ran straight to the woods. And we started searching. Suddenly, we heard an odd sound. From our own childhood curiosity we started following the sound. We walked for at least 20 minutes. Then, we saw something we shouldn’t.

We saw some people were practicing some sorts of ritual. They were wearing long robes. And they were talking in other language. But, suddenly one of them looked at us. Seeing him we were frozen as ice. His eyes were as red as blood. Thinking about nothing we started running. While we were running we both noticed someone was following us. When we reached the camp side it was nearly night. Our physical

Teacher asked us why we were out in the evening. But, we didn’t tell him what we saw in the middle of the woods. The next day(13th march, 2001), we finished our camping. We were returning home by school bus. I and James were sitting beside the bus’s window. We saw it again. Shadows were running faster than the bus in the woods and then gone out of our boundaries of vision. We were surprised. And we were more surprised to know that nobody in that bus noticed a single running shadow. We didn’t tell anyone about the shadows because they wouldn’t believe us.

After I reached home I got myself fresh and went to sleep quickly. Because, I was very tired. I had a nightmare about the shadows. Then I woke up and I was very scared. The clock was telling me that it was nearly 2.30 am. For an unknown reason looked out through the window. And I was terrified when I saw a shadow standing behind the tree and I saw two sparkling eyes straight looking at me. Seeing those eyes my whole body got frozen and than I don’t know what happened my eyes slowly got shut. When I woke up I was laying down on the floor. I thought it was a nightmare and I got ready for school. In school I met with James. I was surprised to know that he had the same nightmare. Than we both realized that it was not a coincidence but it was

Something else. In that day after school we were returning home and something hold our hand. We turned back and saw a man was standing right behind us wearing long robes. We just started screaming than…………

I woke up again but I was not in my room. I and my friend were in the woods. In a hurry I woke my friend. We both knew that those shadows were standing around us. Than we both heard a cold voice.

“We live in this woods ever since your kind wasn’t born. You can never imagine what we are and what we know. Just know we are different from you. “ We didn’t say a single word. We looked at each other. And they said, “One of you will forget everything what happened and one will remember this incidence rest of his life.” Then, Everything gone dark and when I woke up it was the beginning of that day. In a hurry I checked the calendar. I was just like I got a heart attack. Because, it was the date when I saw the strange nightmare. I didn’t say a word to my parents because I was so surprised and worried. After having my breakfast I went to my friend’s house and I asked him about the shadows which we saw in the woods. And he said,” You got a nightmare bro. We didn’t go to the woods and we didn’t see any shadows who were doing ritual.” Than I left James’s house saying that he was right.

But I remembered what the shadows told us in the woods. After that day I never saw a single sparkling eyed shadows. But I can never forget the cold voice of those shadows and what did they told me.

The end

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