Palermo2022/02/10 10:06

Fantasying good things


Last night on my bed

As I lay on my bed, eyes getting dimmer, thoughts about the challenges ahead wouldn't stop flowing through my mind. Oh my little piece of mind, how much more do you have to worry about the days ahead. How soon do I have to tarry, to be able to just jump on my bed and have my eyes closed with ease, counting my blessings, knowing that the future is secured for my son, Jojo and his mother, my dear wife, whose smile has been the fire that keeps me burning. It's not about burning down a house, but burning to ashes all the issues of life that a man must face in the process of becoming a real man. A man who has found true love is better than a man with a fat bank account. The uncertainties that life may bring and how to stay strong may let a man down, but the presence of a beautiful woman, a strong woman, that woman who never looked back but loves you despite where you're coming from, might just be all that the soul actually to be at peace. A good woman is enough to think about and just be at peace. That special woman who knows how to make a man say nothing. That gorgeous woman with a tender touch and kisses that will melt all the problems of the mind. I so much desire to have you with me right now. Bringing to pass all the things I fantasy in my head the moment I set my eyes on you.


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