Nasty 😋😋

S.O.M2022/02/09 23:23

A free verse containing, sexual words, experiences and encounter, with a tiny bit of ingredient ti spice it up a little lol 😂

Nasty 😋😋

Nasty 😋


Yeah she nasty 

They say the night is young exactly my thoughts

Watching a  video of a thief who got caught

So much violence in the clip man I was lost 

Then A knock on my door, hi there?

Hi there?? 

Who’s there ?? 

She said  Amy 

Said Amy  from where ?

She said  Amy from here  , 

I stay at the rare

You mean the block right back?.., she said yeah 

Still talking from the window  what do you need ????

Said to me you have to sow a seed

Told her she  was tripping for real 

After disturbing my Instagram reel

She smiled leaving me wowed 

Asking her again what she wanted 

And she was like “I’ve got a problem”

Problem?? I said 

She said “S.O.M” I’m out gas 

You Out of gas?? 

She said she forgot the gas was on its last

Not to worry you could use mine 

Excited she rushed back to her flat 

Back on my bed laying flat 

These thoughts kept on coming 

Like what’s was that 

But she fine sha 

Breast on check

Ass on check 

And dem nipples in those turtle neck 

Wish I could see those again 

Few minutes passed a knock I heard again 

Tilting my blinds….. Oh she again 

I uttered ….  

Opened the door so she can head to cook 

While I go back to the beating of the crook

Time did it’s thing

Slower when on lean 🥃

said to check on her only to find her in  shock 

Not knowing what  button to touch 

Like a gentleman do you need help I asked 

Hell yeah she cried

I don’t mean tears ,, 

it’s the loud excitement of Being free from confusion 

She was like put it off let me try it myself ….. I 

Took a step back trying to lean on the kitchen shelf 

Then she tripped having her ass pressed on me 

Yeah dat soft ass on me 

Yeah she Nasty 

Immediately she stood up saying it’s the oil on the floor 

You could have said you wanted a tour  I said 

Time passed,

she did her thing 

I did mine 

Everywhere Smokey from her oil when no be shrine ………. Then 

She came with two words “I’m done” 

Phew 😮‍💨 she’ll soon be gone

Soon she was out of the kitchen looking all gloomy and worn 

Told her she could rest if she wanted 

Sure why not she responded

She said you haven’t told me your real name 

I said you already know it’s S.O.M

She knew she said ,but ummm 

I said well it’s  Mohammed

She said you use glasses are you be nerd  

Nerd hell no  

but I can be weird tho

How weird she asked ? 

I looked in a her eyes and said the nasty kind 

Thoughts in her head be like 

He smells nice, he’s so close 

I can feel her already twitching toes 

She kept on asking to change shows 

Till I got to one 

She said  play this one , that I did

What’s the name ?, I said. 365 Dini

Never watched it,,,  

For real yoh don’t mean it.

We Had cool vibes going smoothly 

I asked her you down for a white wine. 

I’ve not taken any lately  But that’s fine she whispered……. 

Wine’s launched , conversations 

getting deeper 

Then she asked are you an “eater”

Said I’m an eight inched pussy eater 

She chuckled I mean a “little laughter”

Told her well depends , do you want to be eaten 

Yes she said softly like a small child 

Here shit was about to get wild 

Seeing all this green light gave like a boost tho 

and as sharp guy I gats follow suit you know 

We started kissing and things got intense 

We continued for minutes no recess  

To my surprise damy came prepared

No bras on and a pant like thread

Started my way through her thighs

That’s when I heard it  Fuck me 

Said with a voice coerced with tinny vibrations 

It aroused me

Her head game fire 

She no Dey taya 

All her gwack gwack guwp guwp

Heard me saying oh my god non stop 

She spits on it and gobble it down again

Till the burst stop

Hell fucking Yeah she nasty 

Foreplay’s done and you can see her in all smiles telling me 

Put it in already

We Fucked for minutes 

Till I nutted on her Tits &

She on the sheets 

She said This is not a Charm I can resist 

But come to think of it?,  that was it??

Never did I know the night was still full of surprises 

Sky dark as ashes 

Me not knowing where her gown or my shirt is 

Then we both heard a voice saying “hey lil mama where you is”

She rushed telling me he was her man … jeez 😮

He was just returning  from Alaba 

A market 

The Poor thing went to make more raba 

He no sabi say  hin mama just Dey change styles like barber

Not her still sucking  the postcum off my dick 

I was like nah nah 😂😂😂

Yeah she nasty 😂


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