Love is a person

Unique2022/02/09 15:21

I asked her With full of Emotions, “Do you know That most writers Are mental unstable And am one of them?”, And she answered, “I do but just keep on writing, where ever the madness will take you I will follow”

Love is a person

Heart of a single mother

She could not provide for her children any amount of gold, So she provided a word of faith, to have and hold

She could not give them royal standard nor a name renowned by the earth for richness, so she gave them seeds for garden spot and a shade of trees when the sun was hot.

She could not give a sinner spoon nor was there servants for them waiting throughout the noon, so she gave them love and a listening ear, she became their servant and could always tell them “God is always near”

Every word she could give for knowledge and wisdom fit for kings.

she provided them with books for faith and made each child aware of God.


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