Benefit of chewing gum

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In this article you can being informed about these benefit.

Benefit of chewing gum

Chewing gum is beneficial for thousands of people's

Benefit of chewing gum

Chewing gum is not a modern invention,  but people have been chewed it in different form for thousands of years. In ancient times, chewing gum was made from spruce. Today, however, it is made of synthetic or chemical rubber. The medical benefit of chewing gum are often attributed to gum strength, although the benefit are not limited to this. In the following article, the reader are being informed about these benefit.

1. Stress-free

Numerous studies on stress reduction and better memories have shown that chewing gum during any activity improve brain function such as intelligence, anxiety and decisions making. In addition, a trial with some students that the students who chewed gum for 7 to 19 days had lower level of depression, anxiety and stress than those who did not chew gum. Although experts are unable to determine the cause of these brain effects, they believe that chewing gum increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves brain function.

2. Weight loss

For those who want to lose weight, chewing gum can also be helpful because chewing has very few calories and some research even suggests that since chewing gum eliminates the felling of hunger, there is no desire to eat more food. In addition,  experts have found some surprising evidence that chewing gum speeds up the digestive system.

3. Dental protection and bad breath

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum can protect your teeth from decay. The sugar in a common chewing gum becomes  food for harmful bacteria in the mouth. Which can strengthen the germs and damage the teeth because our most of the day spent eating and drinking with our brushing teeth.

3. Burns calories

Most people need chewing gum to keep their mouth open throughout the day. And a medical study has shown that this habit plays an important role in protecting them from obesity. According to Mayo Clinic research, chewing gum for one hour burns calories, especially chewing sugar-free chewing gum for twenty to thirty minutes. It also plays an important role in burning calories.

 4. Eliminate harmful bacteria

The use of chewing gum is beneficial in  eliminating harmful bacteria from the mouth, a single piece of chewing gum can eliminate 100 million bacteria in ten minutes. According to research from Guernsey university.

5. Help to quitting smoking

The use of chewing gum helps in quitting smoking. Chewing gum is plays a very important role in reducing cigarettes and even quitting them,  although.

6. Focus on task

One benefit of chewing gum is that the mind stay focused on one task. Which increases the chance of success in the works. According to a research, chewing gum gives a person a better focus on this task.

7. Breathing freshness

Chewing gum helps to get rid of bad breath. It helps in refreshing the breath and making the breath pleasant. In addition, chewing gum has antibacterial properties which helps in removing the particle trapped in  the mouth after eating. In many places chewing gum is given for chewing after eating because chewing gum remove the food particle that get stuck in teeth and stick to the chewing gum.


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