Syphilis and it's effects

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This article is about effects of syphilis, their signs and trauma in schools


So this day I decide to write about Syphilis. A common disease in most Kenyan Universities. Syphilis, is a dangerous sexually transmitted infection transmitted mainly through a sexual intercourse. I don't want to write about female experience, I want to write about our experience in highschool. Form four that is, we had just come from the holidays. It was a short holiday but I had to find some Lady at home you know the "rust"in a boy's and being a school captain, I was expected to behave "myself". So from home three days later I started feeling some pain in my Penis. Not so sever but I can attest it was some serious pain. Who could I tell? So I kept this to myself,  two weeks, three weeks, my situation got worse and my Penis started swelling and releasing some pus. Going for short calls was another problem, I could cry the loudest so I used to wait for everyone to finish his call then remain in the toilets myself to nurse my problems. So this day as I was waiting for these guys to finish there calls in the toilets, Bernard comes to me and tells me, "Morgan, I have this problem, my Penis is swollen and releasing a lot of puss iam dying friend, can you talk to the Deputy to give me a leave out cheat I get to the hospital? " Little did he knew I also had the same problem. So we agree and goes to the office of the Deputy Principal for a leave out cheat to the Hospital. Though we didn't reveal to the Deputy what we were suffering from…..How could we? The Deputy was a Female, I was a School Captain, how do you start explaining that? So we move to the Hospital and finds some young lady on attachment in the Consultation room which we entered the two of us, against an hospital regulations. 
"Hey gentlemen? what's your problem now that you are here the two of you? Do you have the same problem?"
"okay Dr. we have this problem….."Bernard explains our problems because personally I can't say that to this young lady here. 
"okay gentlemen, I think iam going to examine your penis……" this young nurse says….
Who??? Personally I can't agree to anything of that kind, a small lady , so she examines Bernards and I insists she uses Bernard's to examine me. Personally, I believe in this Tradition of "No Woman should touch my private part, except my wife"
Syphilis is a very serious problem…
So this nurse sends us to the lab where we are told to collect our urine samples.
So we walk to the toilets to "wait" for urine because it wasn't scheduled, so after getting the samples, ofcourse we don't want anyone to realize we collected urinary samples.I placed mine in my pockets, forgetting to close it tightly it later pours out…
"Bernard, let me have your samples I can't get back to the toilets"
We were treated and got back to school.
I think this the reason I have always used condoms. In this generation, we can't talk of abstaining, let's talk about using protections. In our campuses, syphilis is a common problem in our hostels. 

MORGAN YOGO ,….is an English Literature student at Kenyatta University
A third year student, passionate about writing common social issues, politics and Comparative literature analysis


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