Life changing ways

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Do harder than one to make yourself better. Be Patient and try Harder than One to Make Yourself Better “No Child is an Island” -Dr Peter Thiel. Do Good. Try Harder than One To Improve your Quality Of Life.

Life changing ways

life changing ways

Do harder than one to make yourself better. Be Patient and try Harder than One to Make Yourself Better

“No Child is an Island” -Dr Peter Thiel. Do Good. Try Harder than One To Improve your Quality Of Life. It doesn't take a genius to learn that the first thing you should do when making this difficult decision, to become more conscious is to “Do Harder” or “Do More”. I have been doing some of my best work over the past four decades because I have never stopped trying, not even for the sake of getting better at something, that will only get worse if I let it, just making the effort to try each day.

“I am what I believe” -John Robinson. The most important part of learning how difficult it can be to remain focused on doing what you love doing is finding out what you are passionate about so that you don't allow failure. You might know that passion is something deep inside you, and that it never dies. What it doesn't mean, is that we have to do all kinds of things in life, or change every minute of our lives depending on whether or not you feel comfortable with it, this is why it's so often overlooked. Some people might say that the purpose of becoming who you are is to continue making the effort to excel yourself, to continue going after a goal, you might argue that you are destined to succeed by being who you are, but how many times do you think we have achieved anything, so much has failed us and we need to let go of failures. We all need to grow up, learn from failures, then take them as lessons learned, and now move forward, always looking for ways to improve ourselves. Never stop learning.

Time Is a very precious resource” -Robert Kiyosaki. Don't take the shortest time possible between starting a new task and its completion because everything depends on your patience. Everyone, except the luckiest of souls, will face setbacks in their journey, so remember to keep moving ahead by using your patience, always and always. Remember that the clock doesn’t exist, so stop spending too much time on the clock and instead start thinking about what needs to be done. Always consider that nothing is ever done with enough time on it.

Nobody succeeds unless they give up” -James Clear. There is no doubt that this statement applies best in general. Success depends largely on how much you put into it. Nobody succeeds until they give up and sit back and rest from doing. That is where success begins. Successful leaders set goals, work on them relentlessly, take action and continue taking action without stopping. Take the long term view. Never start losing sight of short term goals. Focus on developing yourself and building others around you. Never forget that nobody succeeds unless they give up.

“If it will benefit me in the future, it will not matter, but if not, it won't harm me” -George Orwell. As you can see, being selfish can contribute to disaster in the end of it all, for example not helping an individual suffering illness through unemployment to survive. Stop worrying only on other people and be grateful that they are able to support you.

“Don’t Waste Your Time” -Tony Robbins. Start with yourself and start doing what you want. Doing things you enjoy is enjoyable. Don't try doing pointless things like cleaning your workplace, or buying a car. If you have any doubts, stop thinking so much, find a mentor. Keep on pursuing your dreams regardless of how expensive or difficult they look like. Avoid becoming caught up in petty quarrels in life. Find time for friends and family. Avoid living as though you didn't know the value of time, because sooner or later, they will catch up with you.


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