Peer Pressure --The New Trend

Simar Ahluwalia2022/02/05 06:48

We all cherish to relish with our friends and want friends those who understand us . But these friends impact us to great extent. Here are some measures to help it in our personality development.

Peer Pressure --The New Trend

Peer Presure

What Is Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure is the direct or indirect influence on people of peers, members of social groups with similar interests, experiences, or social statuses.It has many aspects which include its demerits and merits .

Its Impacts:

It certainly depends on the group you are hanging out with . If your peers,friends and companions are splendid who value other . You will also get influenced by them and vice-versa. If your companions are no less than a spoiled brat it will certainly lead you to doom.


Peers play an immense role in our personality development. These are certain measures to combat the woeful impacts :

1.Be with good friends

2.Try not to get manipulated.

3.Try to rise your voice against your exploitation

4.Do not follow anybody blindly instead create your own course in your own pace.

5.Try to be the Leader not follower.

6.Keep your self esteem primary .

7.Never argue with those who never understand you.

8.Be yourself and never change yourself for anybody.

9.Never leave your principles.

10.Wrong remains wrong no matter how many people are practicing it.

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