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What If?

What if?

Every day our lives become a little

 bit shorter; And with each passing day 

it gets shorter and shorter;

I know, You know, and we are aware of that;

We can't predict what we are destined for.

What if, we are destined for death?

What if, we will die today, tommorow or after a month? What if, one day we can't wake up?

And found ourselves that slowly disappear like a smoke that fades away.

Are you aware of that? I know you are;

So live your life to the fullest;

Live your life with happiness and die with no regrets;

Repent your sins to Christ

And be gracious with his glory.

Because we didn't know how long our life is;

They say happiness is priceless, yes indeed;

But sometimes happiness is one who wakes up our demon;

So, set yourself to live in happiness in good not in bad.

Because happiness in doing bad things are worthless;

Human life is more worthy than other living things;

So don't make it worthless in doing such unfavorable stuff;

Let's live in joy and hear the trumpets of Angels;

There are so many What if's I had in mind.

I have so many What if's But there is one thing that we should know about;

We know that every single day passes our life becomes shorter;

But it continues our journey to live;

So keep pursuing no matter how difficult our situation is; Remember this Don't stop to be a good person;

Because that is a worthwhile purpose why we lived on Earth.


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