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The process of CD duplication is the means of making

several copies of CDs of various types without

doing a replication of many. The term is used to

describe the need and use of short run quantity

copying of various types of CDs. Most CD

duplication is done for quantities under 500.

The value and quality of the duplicate is high,

with the sound quality being very good and matching

the quality of the original. There are many benefits

to CD duplication, including:

1. Its less expensive to do CD duplication

than it is to do a full replication, especially when

the demands are much lower.

2. In most cases, during a replication there

will be a minimum amount that is actually more than

needed. By using CD duplication, you can actually

eliminate this extra replication.

3. Believe it or not, it can actually be

much faster to use CD duplication than a full CD

replication run.

There are other things that can cause you to take a

second look as well. With most cases, CD duplication

will cost more per CD than that of a full run

replication. In the long run however, this may still

be much lower. Not all will look like the original

either, as some will have blue or even black

burn marks on them that make them appear to be


CD duplication, never the less, is a widely used

system of replicating CD’s in a very effective and

timely manner. The technology is always improving

as well, so you can look for updates in the quality

of CD duplication systems as well – which is great

news for those who enjoy CD duplication.

It’s important to realize from the start that the

duplication and replication process is the same,

regardless of content, as well as the differences

between the CD duplication and replication process.

The duplication of CDs refers to burned CDs, such

as the CD burner with a personal computer. The

burned audio CDs have playability issues in some CD

players, normally car stereos, portable CD players,

and even older types of CD players.

The duplication of CDs has much faster turn times,

simply because a stamp doesn’t need to be made.

The process of duplication can start as soon as the

master is received, where the replication process

doesn’t start for 5 – 7 days, during which time a

glass master and stamper must be made.

When done locally with a personal computer, you

can duplicate an audio or data CD in just a couple

of minutes. To duplicate a CD, you must have a

computer with a CD-RW drive. This drive copies

the CD disks, and without one – you simply cannot

copy disks.

If you have a DVD-RW drive, you can copy both DVD

and CD disks. These drives are normally the way

to go, as they can copy virtually anything you

stick in the drive. Once you have your drive,

you’ll also need software to copy the disks, which

there are many out there for you to choose from.

With a CD-RW drive, you can copy audio CDs, data

CDs, even make SVCD copies. The disks used for

CD will hold up to 700 MB (MegaBytes) of data, or

up to a little over an hour of music.

With everything CD duplication has to offer you,

its no wonder why it’s so popular. If you’ve

never tried duplication before, you should rush

and get you a CD-RW drive for your computer right

now – as the many uses will simply amaze you.

If you plan to produce, market, and sell your own

CDs, you have the need for high quality CD

duplication. If you have the need for great

quality and great prices, you should thing about

things before you turn to one company to do all

of the duplicating for you.

No matter what you use it for, CD duplication is

an expense that shouldn’t take over your budget

at all. Below, you’ll find several tips on how

to keep duplication within your budget.

1. Shop with comparison

All companies out there need to able to find the

company that is going to give them the best possible

price. If you have access to the internet, you

can do this online. Look from one company to

another until you find the best price that fits

your budget.

2. Keep within your budget

Although this is easier said than done, it’s

very important to find a company that can work

within your budget or you’ll need to get a bigger

budget. Even though you may not realize it now,

doing these types of things on credit can hurt

you later on down the road.

3. Quality

If your music or other CDs mean a lot to you,

then you should put them in the hands of a reliable duplicator – and never skimp on quality. Always make sure you a guarantee of the quality of their work as well, to protect yourself.

CD duplication is a must have for the movie and music business. There’s no doubt that you need this type of service, although you should take the time to find the best company for the job. When it comes to developing your product – you’ll want to have only the best.

Copying CDs is something that is very popular now more

than ever. When CD burners and duplication was first

introduced, people caught on although it wasn’t nearly

as popular as it is today. These days, millions of

people throughout the world copy audio, data, and

even video to CDs.

To make a copy of a CD, you’ll need a master to copy,

a blank disk, a CD-RW drive, and the proper software.

Most newer computers include either a CD-RW or DVD-RW

drive. If your computer is older, you’ll need to go

out and buy the drive, which doesn’t cost much money

and is very easy to install.

If you have a DVD-RW drive, you’ll be able to copy

both CDs and DVDs. The rate of copying will vary,

with 4X being the slowest and up to 48X being the

fastest. If your drive supports 48X, you can duplicate

a CD in a matter of minutes.

Once you have the CD-RW or DVD-RW drive and some

blank CD-R media, all you need is the software to

duplicate. Nero is among the most popular, as well

as Sonic Record Now and Easy CD Creator. There are

many different types out there, from those that cost

money to the freeware software that doesn’t cost

anything to use.

Once you have everything you need, simply run the

software and create your disk. You can copy many

types of media, including pictures, video, audio,

and even data from your computer. Depending on what

you want to copy, all need to do is select it from the software.


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