Online Safety : The Need Of Masses

Simar Ahluwalia2022/02/02 12:32

The necessity of this world is online safety is immense . Here are some stuffs which are supposed to be considered.

Online Safety : The Need Of Masses

Online Safety

Online safety has been a significant topic these days. People want to get engage on social media to get to know the people around the world.

Why Is Safety Needed ??

It is the need of era . It saves people from landing into huge troubles and blunders . Those are not aware of it may lead themselves to some unfeasible paths .

Its Components :

To be concise it has many aspects. But it can be summarized as

1. Strong Password

2. Parental Guidance

3. Privacy Settings

4. Anti Bullying

5. Fraud Identification

Keep all these stuffs in your mind

Your Safety Is In Your Hands

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