Charming tails

Ishrat2022/02/01 10:36

A world where cat looking like people exist.......but everything is under control of a witch..who take humans life to double her power....will you sacrifice your life to the witch....or will fight against her!..

Charming tails

Charming tails..


My mom always tell Me there is. World called cat realm first I thought its all just an fairy tale until...


Y/n:Mom are you feeling better now?...

Mom:I'm,no need to worry dear!..

Y/n:but you don't look like(whispered)

Doc enters the room

Doc:we still can't find out what exactly happened to her...

Y/n: it's okay..your doing you best!have a good day..I will take my leave now!....

_*While you were walking home you saw a cat*_

_(She/he(cat) didn't look like she/he is from near here...looks like she/he is hungry..- you thought)_

Y/n:idk if your one of those magical cats who grandes wishes but my wish is that my mom gets healthy and happy again!

_the cat comes near you rub her fur against your leg and started walking away..and looks like saying you to follow were curious so you do follow him/her....she takes you to a shrine something like that you cross the gate of the shrine and the next thing you saw was shocking_


You see some cat people looking creatures.....what you gotten yourself into? Will it be good if you it safe? Are those cat looking like people are good? Or bad like others?


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