Oh the bitter shame and sorrow

Jaygee2022/01/30 21:02


Oh the bitter shame and sorrow

Oh the bitter shame and sorrow

Her world darken

Her future blacken

She cries in bitterness

As her once blooming flower withers

As her innocence

Is taken with sheer wickedness

As her pride is stolen

And she's left unbroken

She screams till she lost her voice

She kicks till she lost her strength

Rivers of tears runs down her face

But they couldn't wash away her pains

She's robbed before her eyes

By these monster with a heart made of ice

Unmoved and unshaken by her cries

As he tears her world down

He smiles showing his teeth all brown

She watches as she's been robbed

She wills for death to come

And for her heart to stop

As her dreams are shattered

Her hopes varnished

Her image tarnished

She couldn't live with the shame

Neither could she bear the pain

Nor the aftermath of the drama

The endless night of trauma

She couldn't wished these for anyone

She bore the pains of her thorn

And found strength in the determination to extinguish

The beast that comes with this anguish

She masks her shame

And found solace in her pain

To avenge those before her

And those after her

No more will she wallow in pains

Or sulk in pains.


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