Crushed Can on the Football Field

Ayatullah Umar2022/01/29 16:01
Crushed Can on the Football Field

Crushed Can on the Football Field

I'm a crushed can on the pitch drunk up empty

What day it is? maybe half sunny half rainy

What stadium this is? I can never tell

The teams that clashed I may never know

Maybe Barcelona versus Liverpool

Or Manchester United versus Chelsea

Each assumption leads farther from the truth

The player that drank me might have been one...

Probably a player from the losing team

Though lifeless I could hear him quake within.

I may be just a crushed can on this football field

But every creature has it's own battle field

What league is this? maybe the Bundesliga

If I'm not mistaken, or the La Liga

Know I'm no GOAT a Great of All Times

Still I've got my battles within other climes

I need no golden boot to unleash my flair

No Community Shield my hunger's my lair

I may have been relegated for this season

And when I say I'll be back you think I'm bluffing.

I may be just a crushed can on this football field

But I'm a warrior in my destined battle field

Don't think I'm weak because I'm of plastic

I dare what it takes the triumph's in my grasp

My mind's an arena of steeled will galactic

Who dares? lowlife like me - the stinging wasp

Crushed and defeated should I tell you my dark side?

Where torrents of dreams rage and atoms divide

Maybe you've got the ball through my open legs

But will's immortal and hunger never begs.

Don't think you're the warlord, I'm a pawn - my promotion

I evolve by bleeding Queens have no evolution

I'm the chromed tiger, a piece with eight lives

In triumph and defeat still in battle thrives

Know victory is checkered some days are black days

So see! there's a battlement for one who arrays...

I'm the heart of all pieces though pawn am I

What piece exists at the end game if I die

The shark of all seas, savant of all navigations

Mind parallaxed, the sage of all calculations.


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