10 tools that will help you in scaling your business in 2022

Greatdorlin Wisdom2022/01/24 01:24
10 tools that will help you in scaling your business in 2022

10 tools that will help you in scaling your business in 2022

10 tools that will help you in scaling your business in 2022

In 2022 the most innovative enterprise will win so how do you get your business innovative?

It's by doing innovative things so in this post I will be showing you ten tools that will help you scale your online business.

1. A website (How to get it for free)

If your business is just starting or maybe you are yet to have enough capital a website is Important but is highly charged for, so how do you get a website?

There are tools you can use to start your website for free and for low cost.

1. Google my Business

Google my Business is a free website Google offers to business owners, so if you haven't got enough capital and you want to start up a website.

Google my Business will be a great for you to start out with. The only thing you will need to pay a little price for is your domain.

Your domain is something like

(amarachistylistdot hair)


(amarachistylistdot com)

This is the only thing you will be needing to pay for, so you can customize your website link and the price for a domain is between $2.5-$10 in Naira between 2500-10000.

I think that should be affordable for you, because you stand a chance of having your own business domain on a search engine that get billions of visitors.

So if you need a website and you don't have enough capital to hire a website Designer Google my Business should help for the meantime.

2. Great Graphics

Your graphics is a very important aspect of your business. It either sends a low or high standard signal to your prospective clients.

So you can't afford to be substandard and to not be substandard you would have to pay a graphics Designer but this tool called CANVA will help you with all your designs.

There is a paid version and a free version the paid version is better but the free version is great also. You can start designing for your business with already pre designed templates.

All you have to do is to change texts, add your images and any of your details no much stress just go to canva.com open an account and start designing.

3. Social Media Content

Your social media content is really important, there are too many business out there so your own business also should be seen.

Your business shouldn't be hiding, to bring your business to the limelight content is really canva will help you with graphics but you need to also talk to yout customers and clients (Audience) so they know you care about them.

And to be able to effectively communicate with your audience via written words your two options are to either learn the art of

Content writing or hire a content writer.

But if you don't have enough funds to take up any of the two options there is a third one for you.

Artificial intelligence (AI) designed to help you write for your audience on any given topic. There are tools that do these for you, they include.




These tools will help you to write content for your audience just give it your topic and specify your audience and your work is done.

4. Video Content

Graphic content and written content aren't enough you have to give your audience more.

Because your audience needs to be kept busy and you get your audience glued to you by spicing up your business with all kind of content.

But to get video content you are supposed to pay a video creator or designer to get the job done.

But I will be showing you a tool that will help you create videos for your business for free all you need to do is just input your text and the software or app carrys out the job.

This tool is called


Lumen5 will help you turn your written content into video content and now you have extra content to feed your audience because these space depend on your content to thrive.

5. Scheduling Social Media Content

Atimes in your business you might not have enough time to continually post across all social media platforms.

That's why Buffer was created Buffer was created to help you schedule your Social Media posts across all platforms.

From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok

and others.

All you have to do is set the time each content is to go out. You can even schedule your content for as long as a month.

Buffer has both a paid plan and a free plan has usual the paid plan is always better but the free version is also great to start with.

I will give you more of this tools in my next post.

Ps: I am not promoting this sites for any affiliate commissions, I didn't even have to share my personal links.

I Cherish you.

Greatdorlin Wisdom

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