akayla372022/01/23 01:46


Showcased like a mannequin on display,

Insecurities and vulnerability, they never understand the tale,

There for everyone to judge and make their claim,

Every scrutinizing  gaze inflicts pain,

Every disapproving  comment cuts deep like a blade,

On display, you must look your best,

For the passerby’s will scorn you and they will surely detest,

Hide your low self-esteem and lack of confidence,

For you must keep up the pretense,

They yearn to know what lies behind the flower,

To dominate and devour,

They’re not ashamed to tell you what they desire,

And on our knees, we ask for it in our prayers,

Day by day we are terrorized,

By the made-up standard and their web of lies,

Trying to weave the lies that are going to lead us to our demise.


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